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Dinie Kiezenberg

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For a number of years, we own a Cattery in Arnhem (the Netherlands).

Our goal is, to breed beautifull and outstanding Perzian Bicolor, Solid, Harlekijn and Van. All our breeding 

couples are selected on outstanding lines like,

Catillak, Rhamjoge, Harwood, Candirand, Piesker,

 Pall-Mall, Belamy, Bocasana, Vickets, Dega-Bulu.

As Cattery we are CFA-registered and NLKV-registered.

All our cats live with us in the house and are used to dogs.

Our Baby's will only leave home when they are at least 13 weeks old and fully vaccinated,kittens that go 

out of The Netherlands will be staying untill they are at least 16 weeks because of there rabiesshot wich 

they will get at 12 weeks of age.

If you are interested in one of our kittens please send an e-mail to info@kietri.nl

We wish you a pleasant time on our site, we would appreciate if you leave a massage behind in our guestbook.





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